mortal translation from life to life

I am beginning to noodle around with thoughts and designs for my next exhibit of clay art. I have been thinking and working on it for a year now and having settled the theology with my friend James Reho – Chaplain to General Seminary, I am ready to begin the clay part of the creativity. The conversations about Resurrection I have been having with friends and colleagues over the last 9 months have been instructive to the The of Resurrection the exhibit will express. The pots will be funeral cremains urns and each will express in color, shape and design some aspect or aspects of the theology of Resurrection and it link to the theology we live out in our Book of Common Prayer around what it means to be Resurrection-people.

Each lid will be reversible so that the pots may be used under a pall and yet each will also be expressive art for a viewing or a memorial service or a wake so that people can be with cremains – with the remains of sarx – flesh and yet still use the art of the potter’s design as an icon to the theology of the situation. The show’s working title is “Mortal Translation” and will include written meditations by theologians which tease out the theology of each vessel’s artistic iconography inviting the viewer to consider their life, death, and translation into what exists after death.

I welcome a dialogue about this theology here. What do you think about the translation from mortal to other at the time of death? if you have thoughts, email me at or leave them here or on Facebook as a post.

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