A couple nights ago, I needed some candy for a house-warming party and did not have the needed time to make my completely amazing english toffee recipe.  I had chocolate in the house and I was aware that on my last run to the asian markets on Alameda and Federal (where, of course, I feasted on Dim Sum) I had purchased a supply of candied ginger which I like to have in the house to serve after dinner (I rarely make dessert – life is too short for all that math!)

I was going back and forth between making the toffee (which would have been impressive) and making something less demanding so that I would have time to write some letters and say my prayers.  I chose the simple recipe.  I said my prayers.
By melting some good, dark chocolate in a double boiler and tossing in the candied ginger, I had a desert to bring in a matter of minutes.  Once spooned out onto foil and sprinkled with a tiny bit of sea salt, into the refrigerator they went and in minutes I was bagging the candy and heading off to my friend’s house for movie night and house warming.

The event reminded me that although being impressive is an American past-time, being authentic is just fine.  It s enough.  And in the end, the chocolate-covered ginger with sea salt was more than adequate.  As we decide our Rule of Life and begin to live by it, we must make these small decisions about how we steward our time.  The irony is that the stroking I might have received for making the impressive toffee was more than compensated for in my meditation time during which God,ever so gently said ” You know, you are enough without the toffee in-hand…and even enough without the chocolate covered ginger, my sweet one.”

It was loving and kind of God to say so and I felt it.  Really I did. But in the end, chocolate covered ginger with sea salt is yummy!

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