A Blessing on a Donor


Blessing on our nest eggs – on that money which God has given to us as gift.  Blessing.
Blessing on the possessions in our homes which delight us and recall past days. Blessing.
Blessing on our money which feeds and clothes us. Blessing.
Blessing on our savings and investments which provide for days when old age precludes work. Blessing.
Blessing one our agency, that dynamos which makes things happen. Blessing.
May our money serve us by providing our daily bread and bread for the one with us.
May the wild surf and the lightening strike be messengers from God of our smallness and impermanance.
May our poor, poor bodies be soothed from the insecurity which impels us to caffeinated over-work.
May the hands which count our money be also the hands which give it to one for whom it will mean they too eat today.
God, grant us the ability to shield our eyes from the advertizer’s whips.
God give us the ability to feel our impermanance not as threat but as invitation.
God, so loosen our hands from our money that, like the Israelites,  we are set free.
In the desert wanderings of our shopping, may we stop, sit and rest.
In the desperate attempts to anesthetize our fears, may we put down our lists of financial assets and take up our lists of friendly friends.
In the weakness of broken relationships and failed marriages, may we pay human bills with love.
You, oh Lord know how we live.
You know the media storm of more and the use of money to pretend we are God.
Your compassion for our silliness knows no bounds.
Blessing on we rich.
Blessings on our internal poverties.
Blessings on our nest eggs.
May we see Jesus’ self-offering, even to death
as an invitation to a life lived by giving it away.
And until we have arrived in the generous valley
comfort us on the slopes of our mountains of fear and with-holding;
so that when the winds and rains of greed and envy threaten our inner flame of kindness,
your Hand keeps us safe from commercials.
I see the valley. Its is simple.  It is kind. It is fresh. Take my hand and lead me to it
for I am wealthy compared to this planet’s people and my wealth impoverishes me.
I see the valley.
If I put down my baskets of gold, will you take my hand and lead me?
Blessings on my next choice. Blessing.

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