My dog questions clothes- a prayer of questions

Why do you look so worried? What’s the big deal?

I am siting here. I live to play and love.
Why not follow my lead?
You worry too much.
Your biggest problem is that you wear clothes.
God loves you. All that “good dog” stuff you pile on me is projection.
We have this arrangement you and I.
You say “good dog” and I wag my tail because it is true and true things glow.
But you say “good dog” to me unaware that you are good also.
When the One who Is made this planet,
the word He used when He saw it was not “good.”
He used the word “beautiful.”
If you try hard you can even remember.
We all can.
The word is sown into our essence.
The book translators used the wrong translation.
God did not see the world and call it “good.”
God saw the world which God had
created and called it “beautiful.”
God was surprised by the beauty made by his hands.
That God might be surprised by His creativity makes you humans anxious.
You have serious control issues and you project those too.

You look at me and are surprised by my goodness and my kindness.

You don’t see that you are also good and kind when you choose to be.

And that you are when you choose not to be too.

That is why you see what you see on the news at night.
You humans make things complicated and then wonder why you
are so bitchy.
My eyes are welcoming of your sadnesses.
Look into them.
You may find that you see God as readily as you
think you do in your expensive iconsĀ and your long prayers.

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