the stewardship of our thoughts




As summer begins to fade into autumn, and the roses stand as sentries demanding stillness and enjoyment; it is easy to begin to switch gears.  I can feel it inside me too. The memories of school and its demands from childhood are like shadows on the edge of my summer days.  The to-do lists begin to crowd in and the coffee gets stronger.  The protestant work ethic warns of winter famine and I find myself worrying about things.  I believe my thoughts.  That is so dangerous. So damaging. So silly.  They are just thoughts!

What does it mean when Jesus invites us to consider the lilies (flowers) of the fields?  What does it mean to let go of worry? To do so seems even un-American.  The news this morning speaks of concern about the economy.  When has that NOT been on the news.  We love to worry about money.  If there is nothing else to worry about, there is always the possibility of an economic downturn. I find it funny that the economists call it negative growth as if the idea of not making money is easier than the idea of losing it.
Perhaps I am weaker than most, but I find it hard not to worry.  And yet the image of any flower reminds me of this call by Jesus to let go of concerns about the future and simply live in this,present moment and trust that all shall be well.  Perhaps not easy, but well.  And they are different things.

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