Behold, I bare myself to humanity by becoming
If you lock your eyes
on my eyes
you will be ok.
But barely.

Behold this soft flesh.
Behold this face of confidence
in all things being well,
though confusing
and sometimes excruciating.

The One Who Is.

I have come in the form of meat.
I, the God of the cosmos
who orders the planets,
created the grasshopper and turquoise
and formed the Rocky mountains.
I who made life and the water.

I chose to become a being
and limit my voice from speaking existence
to speaking a sound.

Behold, I chose to pour my essence into a few pounds of flesh.
Smelling of a bath.
Behold I find a way to bridge the gap.

A woman said “yes.”
Her courage and her power
is part of me now in a way that
courage and power are a
new experience even for the
God of Power and Might.
How could I have imagined that
entering time would change me?

Red Powers and Principalities in the
church and state undulate like
a pit of vipers.
They slither.
They slide.
They charm.
They look pretty.
And they know it.

The power of my protective nature they cannot imagine.

They do it because it works.

And those powers and principalities
of the church join
earthquakes, fire, flood and
politics to hurt my people.
And some to bless them.

So behold I come.
Surrounded by their redness and sharpness.

I am not afraid. I model fearlessness.

Behold I am God
in the form of flesh
and wrapped in a cloth
which will one day be destined
to be soaked in Myrrh and wrapped around
spices in a tomb.
But the myrrh and spices will never stain this cloth

for Behold I will rise
to let my people go.

(Photo of a cathedral lancet window in a hallway.)

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