Thanksgiving Day


Wandering from a the churchyard of a medieval church on land which had once been the summer residence of the Bishop of London, this door opens from one garden to the next; onto the back garden of a rectory on the edge of London.  It is tended by a woman whose love of gardens is profound and whose expertise is stunning and beneath it are the unmarked graves of medieval and Victorian clergy and prelates.  It was a garden in which I spent many hours thinking about life, the church, evil and goodness. This was a door through which I went many, many times.

Today is Thanksgiving in America. My Rule of Life reminds me today (I read the chapter on Thanksgiving – out of order on this day) reminds me that I have made a promise to myself.  On this day, each year, I will thank one person for having helped to heal or comfort me along this path we call life.  I did that this morning with an email.

They will, I expect, be surprised that they had provided me so much comfort and indeed that at that summer in 2011 when I was in so much need of it. But so the letter is sent.  My Rule also asks me in Lent to ask forgiveness, in person, of three people whom I have wronged and in Advent to ask, in person, for perspective of three people with whom I disagree on things.

What if today we not only thank God for food, but also for those people who have formed us, comforted us and offered us kindness this year?

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