playfulness, wonder and fluids

You, oh Christ are of Joy. You play.

A child with hands that play, a mind that wonders and a soul that is God’s.What goes through your mind as a human boy entering into the mess of life?

A mother adoring, wondering, full of grace and yet also very human with a mother’s fears and hopes for her child. How do we receive you into this life as God and yet also as a small child? You look so elegant in this bas relief of medieval piety.  I don’t believe this is the whole picture.  No, not for a moment.

And how do we receive you as a gift Lord Christ?  You are so well-known to us and yet you are molten mystery.  We pretend to understand what it means for God to become flesh and enter into time, pain and humanity all at the same time.  But we do not understand.  We simply believe.  When we can. And often we go through the motions at altars hoping no one notices that we cannot fathom this mystery.

What can we do to prepare ourselves for this coming of God in the form of a small human? How can we demystify the manger of straw matted with amniotic fluids, blood and vibrating with the cries from a girl whose  physical pain is overlaying the cries of agony when she considers what she has ahead of her. And what the little one has ahead of him.

So we wait, on the virgin point of sawn and simply wonder with you Mary, how this will al turn out.

And Jesus plays with his fingers in the cosmos.

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