This art exhibition at Edge Gallery on friday night, January 3, will be my first opening in Denver’s art scene.  The gallery is on Navajo at 37th and is deep in the heart of a very edgy art district. Making pots is how I relax and its is an expression of my creativity.

When I was a child, in high school, I found a pottery studio in the basement of the library at Vermont Academy. It was quiet and solitary and though I was interested in clay, I was even more interested in a place on campus where life was quiet.  A big dirt hole would suffice.  It was not only the formation of my life as a potter but it was also the formation of my life as a Christian and a priest and monk.

Beauty comes from God.  I believe that with all my heart.  Beauty is how I know there is a God. And silence is how I can be open to beauty.

Now that Christmas is over, my hope and prayer is that those for whom the luxury exists (and we Americans have a lot of luxury – compared to a planet of people who mostly just eat a tittle and survive!) we might take some time to find beauty and silence.  We all, all of us, have the potential to leave on this planet, something beautiful – a pot, a dinner, a smile.


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