a grumpy day


This is one of the carved faces on the cathedral.  It marks one of the door portals and it always seems to be a grumpy image when I walk by to walk Kai.  It gave me some comfort today. We all have grumpy days and today was one for me.  Nothing was going smoothly and everything I touched seemed to go wrong.  The caffeine did not help matters and my dog Kai keeps looking at me with a raised eyebrow like he has something to say.  I expect it has to do with my pace of life. He knows too much.

It is so easy for life to get going too fast.  There is so much to do – with work and chores and bills and friendships which need to be nurtured.  And then of course part of the problem is that I did not build time enough today to do work to prepare fro my Rule of Life Class which, is ironically because I have not been paying attention to my own Rule of Life chapters on work, rest, play, speech and relationships.  There is irony within irony here.

But this image gives me some peace and joy too.  It reminds me that I am human and that there have been thousands of priests before me who have had bad days – grumpy days – disorganized days – over-scheduled days.  And that tomorrow will be  a new day and I will read tomorrow’s Rule of lIfe chapter – tomorrow – and I will do my best to use what it reminds me so that I live a better and more balanced life.


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