Kairos Time


My dog Kai and I will often walk the Labyrinth which sits majestically in Dominick Park.  It is a moment of sabbath in the day.  Kai, my dog, is named Kai because it is short for Kairos – a greek term which names the time in which God exists.  We humans live in Chronos time.  God lives in Kairos time.  Chronos time is a time in which linear seconds and minutes and hours and years mark on -heading to the whistle of the factory time clock – work will set you free.  Kairos time, on the other hand is the theological term which defines God’s time – circular or looped.  That is a time of constant love and playfulness which is why I named my big black lab “Kai”; since he is a constant and present icon of who God is and what God invites me into every moment – love and playfulness.  Kai also models rest for me by napping a lot. And he is adorable which also helps.

I love the figure-eight which sits at the center of the Dominick Park labyrinth.  It is an ancient symbol from both Christian and pagan sources and times.  It represents eternity – the never ending loops of Kairos Time.  In the west, time is linear – it progresses forward.  In the East, time is circular – always wrapping around on itself.  This way of thinking drives linear thinkers batty which is half the fun.  What if God is, like Kai, gentle, kind, given to rest as part of a week, and undeniably unconditional with his love? What if a black lab can be every bit as much an icon of God as a bloody cross?  I’m just saying’. What if?

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