Water pours and pours from our baptism and though our lives

moistening, washing, soaking, soothing, cleaning.

Walls of water pour over the flagstones of our lives reflecting

God’s light back to God with the waves of joy and grief.

We lert the water flow over us and we know that God’s love

is like that water Рalways constant.  Always life-giving.

Always flowing. Always from the water of Moses’ raft

to the water of Noah’s boat and the water of the Red Sea’s closing

to the water of the garden in the Song of Songs,

rich with greenery to hide the sex and intimacy.

Water flows from Mary with the baby.

Water flows into Jesus’ sippy cup

and flows around his boat and pours from his side.

Water flows.  Time flows. Sins and acts of kindness flow.

And every second God makes all things new.

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