Dew drops and mindfulness

My thoughts sit on the web of my
consciousness like so many drops of dew
waiting for the drink,
or for the sun,
whichever comes first
to take them away.

The thoughts are just thoughts.
They are not true.
Mine and those of others too.
They are just thoughts.

They are the
modern major general
with whip and stick
seeking to push me into action.
But will rebel.
I am soft flesh and deserve kindness.

They are just thoughts.
Some may be true but
they are not true
simply because
they appear in my mind.
If I follow them without
hesitation then I have lost
myself to a tyrant.

And if that happens
the grooves in my brain which
deepen every time the record plays,
will become my master.
And then
the tyranny of other masters will,
in time,
seem normal
as will my jump
as they speak
whatever nonsense their brain
and the smallness of their insecurities
drop on the web of their consciousness.

And yet, though just dew drops,
they rest in the light
of a loving,
observant God.

Better to observe the drops.
Watch them glisten in the sun
without judging them for God does not.

Bow slightly.
Smile every so slightly.
And return to noticing your breath
speaking peace to your soul
with words which come from another place
and Voice entirely.

Then, and only then
will you rise to drink that dew
rather than see reflections
of your own insecurities
beginning the cycle again.

The dew drops are not bad.

They are just mirrors.

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