This vase is raw clay at this point.  It has just been thrown on the potter’s wheel and has been matched with a chuck of raw agate which will be reunited with the lid once the clay has been dried, fired, glazed and re-fired to 2400 degrees.

What makes the clay malleable is the water between each molecule of clay.  The water mixes with dead animal and plant matter in the river floor, then settles between chips of quartz eroded from rocks in rain, and finally dries and melts together in the potter’s process of creating a pot.

What I notice about the prayer life is that it works in my life much the way water works in the clay body.  More water, more flexibility to the clay.  Less water, less flexibility.  No water, and the pot is as brittle as a dry, mud pancake.

The pottery making process daily reminds me that prayer loosens me up, keeps me able to manage change, and soaks me with God’s love so that I am soft and of some use.

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