watch this one TED Talk…it will change your life!

Watch this video link below. Don’t think about watching it.  Don’t put it off to later in a busy day. Just watch it.  Right now. This 20 minutes will be a great investment:



The cathedral is about to enter into what I believe is one of the most moving, powerful  opportunities for vulnerability, connection and change which any church can enter.

The entire Dream Together Conference (go here to register: is nearly booked up and the number of people coming to both morning and afternoon sessions is more than five times expectation – indicating a deep longing for connection, courage, creativity and vulnerability.

Nineteen centuries ago, what we now call “church” was a movement of people making sacrifices in their willingness to share courage and feel vulnerability. So often today, the church has become an institution of people making plans and setting success-goals. The Cathedral of Saint John’s in the Wilderness in Denver Colorado is about to mobilize, gather, express and harvest its collective longings for its life – a very vulnerable act.

This Episcopalian woman has changed my life as has her book The Gifts of Imperfection ( .  Please, take 20 minutes and watch this Ted Talk.  Consider how what she says might change your life, your day, your family, our Dream Together Conference and your perspective on life.

And then, pass it on to people you know who do not read this blog. Make this viral.

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