friendship’s faithfullness

Yesterday friends and I talked for many hours.  We allowed the space between us to midwife deeper friendship and the presence of God was palpable. Making friendship is a craft which seems to be a molten core of the Christian life and even the human life.  Deepening trust, sharing longings, expressing deep-dark and deep-light things is important. We see things anew with a trusted friend’s point of view. We can respond in such a way that we are given that new perspective as a tool in our life-tool-kit.

Sharing life with close friends is hard work.  Scheduling is demanding. But when we sit down with a friend and a candle, looking into each other’s eyes and speaking our truth, we are less alone in the world.  God shows up in so many ways in life but my favorite vessel for God is and will always be friendship.

In the Friendship chapter of my Rule of Life, I write that each day I desire to engage in one activity which supports a friendship I cherish. I use a free app with a “Friendship” to do list to track my progress on my phone.  It is a small thing, but in the end, my friendships are my great and only treasure.

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