a blessing in times of trial

A blessing for the trials of life

When the winds blow sideways
and the candles flicker, giving way
to a black wick and a small smoke trail
and when life brings fears
more numerous than joys;
may you climb up under God’s
wings to escape the burning barn.

And when a lump or an ache
leads to a waiting room
with its slow… ticking… clock,
and old magazines,
may you feel a divine hand, warm and moist
on the curve between your neck and shoulder.

When friendships or romances
curdle under the force of betrayal or starvation
and when you find that you feel alone in a big world;
may you feel the quick breezes of the wings of
your angel as she flies around you
fighting off unseen vultures until you
return to your strength and optimism.

And when the day turns dark,
summoning the pains of years past
or the fears of years ahead
and when aquamarine turns to the darkest sapphire
in which you feel you are drowning;
may the light of the morning catch just one facet
and be enough for you to greet
one more day with hope and some
utterance of the Two of You
meeting at dawn in a mutual yes;
the you and that God,
who’s angel stands sentry
as midwife and warrior, both,
so that you are quite sure that
all manner of thing shall be well, enough.

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