blessing on the one who sits


A blessing on one who sits

When you light your candle and sit for prayer
may you sense the millions of whom you become a part.
When you sit and position for prayer or reflection or silence
may your body pause with your mind,
your mind with your soul,
and your soul with the sky which rests in night and day
doing its job, like you, of simply being.

When you sit in the silence of your prayer-space
may the “One Who Is” comfort you when you wonder if
you are being heard, and
may you see a different light,
a different hope,
which comes only from the waiting.

May the thoughts which invade your mind
like soldiers marching on a silent city be diverted down the road
which leads out of town.
May the worries which knock at the door of your heart
find that they must wait some time at that door,
locked against such intruders on eros.
May the annoyances which have hooked you
like a fisherman’s hook find their lines cut
by your willingness to let go of your captor
so that you may be caught by the Lover of Souls.

And may your breath slow,
your heart-race calm,
your chatter quiet
your body pause.

And when you have passed hearing your
monkeys chattering in your mind’s trees;
and after you hear your God say what needs
to be said to you;
may you begin to overhear the Trinity of Love
speaking of how very, very good and beloved you are.

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