sitting well- a blessing for waiting on God

A blessing for those who wonder and wait

May light fall on you in the darkness of wondering.
May the waiting on God be an icon to willingness.
May God sit you among the sages and the scoundrels,
and find you peaceful no matter who speaks next.

May you wait on God’s providence without grabbing
for the next easy, bright or sparkling thing.
May you sit peacefully, aware that all you need will be provided
in the time God sees fit.
May silence become your close companion;
a wet-nurse when you are troubled,
a warrior when you are surrounded,
a nuzzling dog-friend when you are alone,
a rope when you are confused,
a rest when you are tired,
a warm hearth when you are chilled by egos and echoes.

And may you listen so that you may learn
from the wisdom  you carry from past
missed opportunities,

And may you sit well,
knowing that all shall be well,
even if very, very strange.

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