Creativity and Imago Dei

In my new rental, the pottery studio extends off the oratory – a room set aside for silence, sitting, praying and decorated almost entirely by icons.  I love that this is the case because of the way pottery seems to extend from the relationship I have with God and the conversations which fuel that relationship.

Our society has allowed us to live out the lie that some people are creative and others are not.  It also encourages the myth that we “make money” (needed) and yet we “find time” (optional). Be it pottery, cooking, letter-writing, child-rearing, friendship-making, gardening, knitting, sport, poetry, travel, etc.; we all have a capacity for creativity. When possible, making a space dedicated to that craft is much like and an extension of making space ( in time and location) for prayer.

If we are, in fact, made in the image of God; then we are made to be creators, lovers and self-offerers (givers).  And if that is the case then our own work to find our creative enjoyment and make (not find) time for it seems to be a part of our living out our life as Christians, and as humans.  We look at our lives and our schedules and we ask, “Am i delighting in a creative delight?”  And if not, might there be  problem to be creatively solved?

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