Yesterday, I found myself breathing.

Well, that is to say, I was breathing half-breaths. Shallow breathing.

When I noticed it, I paused and took a very deep breath.  Then another.  And another.

When I am stressed out, my friend Rebecca looks at me and says “Breathe, Charles.”

All through scripture, breathing takes center-stage.  God breathes life into Adam.  There’s heavy breathing in the Song of Songs. And the first breath of God as a human in a stable.  Jesus breathe’s the Holy Spirit into his disciples.  And Jesus breaths his last on the cross.

We Americans get stressed. We drink too much caffeine.  We do too much.  We over-schedule and over function.  And then we get short-breathed.

Prayer.  Meditation.  Silence.  Moments of these, in a day, will bring back our breath, and restore our connection to the God who is, moment by moment, breathing each breath into us as gift.

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