Go ahead, swim! The water’s great!

We keep trying to find God.  Is God there if I am perfect and never sin?  Is God there in church?  Is God there in a carefully designed quiet space, worthy of a victorian novel?  Is God there in the woods on a walk in late-afternoon light?  Is God there if I go to a beach and walk it after sunrise?  Is God there at the bedside of a dying woman whose holy life seems like it would bring God with a bouquet and a smile?

When I see my dog Kai swimming in the rivers of Colorado, I am aware and reminded that we are surrounded by God.  God is the water inside Kai, without which he would die a terrible and painful death of dehydration. God is also flowing around and over us as with Kai in this river.  The question is not if God is near us.  The question is if we dip a toe, walk to ankle-deep, wade to waist-deep, or just dive in and swim, swim, swim, and drink deep.

And so too with our pledging.  Do we tip God .73% of our income, rather less than we would tip a waitress for our meal. Or do we cut off a chunk of our income and return it to the God who gave it to us, funding what we call “The Body of Christ,” otherwise known as the church?  Does the church deserve it?  That’s not the question (though I think ours does).  The question is shall we horde our money and starve out Jesus-in-church-form or shall we give with an amount and an energy which indicates that we understand that life is gift and God is the water we need?  A toe, ankle-deep, knee-deep, waist-deep, or all-in?

All-in. Go ahead.  Swim.

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