Today is Labor Day.  It is dark.  Night has not yet handed the baton over to day. All things are silent and have the color of midnight blue.

Today is a time to think and pray about labor.  Who works.  Who does not.  Who is working too hard and who is not working hard enough.  Who has taken on a new job with all of its potential and who has lost a job to carelessness or corporate greed.

Today is also time to think on the labor ow women.  How they endure pain for humanity to be born into the world.  How each one of us were announced with screaming pain and sometimes fear.  How that was the curtain through which we came to the life we live.

And today is a day to leave that fear behind.  To step boldly into life and simply do our work.  Sing our song. Write our story.  Make our art.  We are all, every one of us artists. We must labor to create a life and we must do so without fear – without worry about what people think.  Without listening to the lies we tell ourselves or that others tell about us.  We are artists and we are artists because we were made in the Image of one.  We cannot help being beings who make.  So let’s make.



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