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What I love about a garden is the diversity. My mother was British and from an old, if narrow family.  She loved the English Garden and passed that form on to me.  The wild and crazy look of an english garden is hiding the reality that everything is carefully chosen and placed.  It looks random, but there is very little that is random about it. But the mix of tall and short, red and yellow, wide and narrow, diminutive and broad celebrates the garden by seeming chaotic when it is indeed quite carefully curated.

Jesus seemed to gather a strange and wonderful lot of humans around him.  It caused a stir.  He kept choosing such a wide range of people – scribes and prostitutes, priests and slaves, teachers and gardeners, business people and wanderers, cooks and prophets.  It takes all kinds to make a Kingdom of God.

So I am asking you, here, now.  Have you signed up for the Dream Together Conference on Saturday?  It is only lunch and three morning or three afternoon hours.  Please sign up today on line at and give us your time.  This means a lot to the future of the cathedral.  Please do not dismiss this chance to listen and be heard.  If there was ever a time to hear each other it is NOW.  Please come.  Please register today.  Please cancel your other plans and come to the Dream Together Conference.

Jesus gathered people – in boats, at wells, in homes, on mountains, in synagogues, in upper rooms and at the cross. He hosted a conversation in a safe place and a safe way such that people showed up and voiced their opinions even in the threats of death.  We are simply following Jesus.  Join us.  Now.  Just go sign up right now!  Please.

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