Gratitude is the incense
of God’s hopes and longings from us.
God needs no sacrifices of blood or loss;
no deep bows nor pious prostrations;
no perfect altars nor sanctimonious sentiments;
no coins to widows, no sad-eyed study.

God wants us to see.

See the way her mouth turns down when
about to laugh.
See the green of the leaves on your plate
or the white of potato, or that perfect radish.

See the cane not in your hand.
See the dialysis machine not cleaning your blood.
At least not right now.
See anything terrible – not your lot.
See anything wonderful that is your lot.

See the meal.  See the food
when so many have empty tin cups
and soldiers kicking dirt,
leering nearby.

See the peace when so many families
are at war behind scotch glasses and wounds.
See the way your hand works or the
way your beloved touched you
so softly that time.

God has no need of sacrifices.
God simply wants us to consider
the lilies of the fields
and then LIVE!

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