sky, light and clouds

Today is Pat’s last day in the office.  And last night he and Jack and I went out for dinner under this sky.

It was a night full of laughter, gust busting laughter, and stories about life and cities and meetings and favorite things and even goodbyes.

Queen Elizabeth once said that the price we pay for love is grief and we have loved Pat well.  All of us.  I admit that I was against it from the start!  And then, in a few short days Iater realized how wrong I was.  Pat was perfect for us for the time he was with us; and Ron with Gay will be perfect for us for the time they are with us.

Transitions are hard and this photo of the sky over Denver last night is a good icon for the darkness and light of a sky in-between.

On the way home we were caught, under this sky, in the hail and rain. We laughed so hard I could hardly breath.  And that is the thing with life.  There is light and darkness, sunshine and hail.  laughter and tears. Slow roasted pork in sirachi mayo and stories about how fun it was to be together.  And how healing.  And how hard.  And how much we will miss the people who have come into our lives.

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