The Daily Sip will return next week

Due to a demanding schedule of teaching over these next three days, the daily sip will resume next week.  Thank you for your patience.

May I suggest that you use time normally used for the Daily Sip for silent, wordless meditation.  Sit with a candle, back forward slightly, chin up, hands on lap, and do deep breathing.  long inhale and long exhale 3-6 times.  The sit and notice your thoughts, gently ushering them aside to a parking lot or along a river stream for another day.  Do not fight thoughts, only bow to them internally and let them pass away on an imginary stream.

Notice thoughts and then let them go until your mind quiets.  repeat deep breathing to further quiet the mind.  Sit and sit and sit and God may manifest and God may manifest without you noticing it.  But either way God is with, in and around you as you sit.  If you nod off, that’s ok, notice a dream.  If you get board, that’s ok, just stay sitting.

After 5-40 minutes you will feel and be refreshed. If you fail, then simply start again with a gentle bow to our inner  anxiety.


The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond

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