What would the church look like?

Luke 7

What happened between you two?
What conversation did you have
which led to this act of intimacy?

This was not your first encounter.
Only deep gratitude would lead you to this
kind of connection. You two
have talked before.

They are all glaring at you, you know.
They were having a meal and you walked in
and started doing that, with the hair and
the hands and the feet.

Of course the church will assume from
“sinner” that you were a prostitute
but that is what a Bible
written by repressed men would do.
Sinner, in this context means you
broke a law of Torah.

Naughty girl!  Did you eat shrimp!?
Did you touch a football?
Did you wear two kinds of cloth?

Did you speak in church?
Tisk.  Tisk.  Tisk.

But you have been healed by this man.
And that is why you have arrived
to wash His feet with your tears.
You love Him.  You are grateful.

What would we be like if we loved Him
like that – we church-goers?

At the end of this passage it says many women
followed Jesus and gave him money
to fund His mission.

So what would the church look like
if we followed Jesus this way?
If we loved Jesus this way?
If we provided for Jesus this way?

If we loved Him like that?

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