“Sometimes it seems as if we do everything possible to avoid the painful confrontation with our basic human loneliness, and allow ourselves to be trapped by false gods promising immediate satisfaction and quick relief. But perhaps the painful awareness of loneliness is an invitation to transcend our limitations and look beyond the boundaries of our existence. The awareness of loneliness might be a gift we must protect and guard, because our loneliness reveals to us an inner emptiness that can be destructive when misunderstood, but filled with promise for him who can tolerate its sweet pain.” Henri Nouwen

This was recently sent to me by a reader.  Another kind Daily Sip reader in L.A. sent homemade chocolate chip cookies with a love letter about life and generosity.  She sends me cookies about twice a month. A saint.  Another reader- four in fact- sent me encouragement this morning responding to the Daily Sip. One last night hugged me.

We are all alone in a way.  Our skin separates us from the planet and from each other and we live alone in God and with everyone else – All Saints.

There need to be less words today and this weekend.

Today, this blog suggests you fast from media for a few days till Sunday night.  Cut yourself off from surfing, TV, cell phones, CNN.  You can do it.  Stop listening to what others are saying and instead, for a few days, till Monday morning, stop listening and look deep inside yourself for what God is saying to your tender self. Sit in silence and listen for God’s “yes.”

There is something beyond us trying hard to speak.  Listen.  We are not alone.  We never have been, though we act like we are.

This Sunday is a special Wilderness of healing and unity.  Come to the Wilderness this Sunday at 6:00.  Try it out just this once if it is new to you.  There will be five prayer stations, it will be dark and lovely and candle-lit.  You will hear about it on CPR this weekend.  Come.  Make the Wilderness the end of your fast from the media.  And listen for what God is saying to you about filling your inner-emptiness.

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