An Advent Prayer

In these last days of Advent,
guide me to this child
careening towards me.

Prepare my heart for this welcome salvation.
Make my soul a stable.
Make my heart a cave.

Remind me that something
wonderful is about to happen.

Don’t let the busyness of the season
destroy the silent wonder of this
Christmas night soon to arrive.

What is not done, let it not be done.
What is not bought, let it not be regretted.
What is not said, let that be said.
What forgiveness need to happen
let that happen or
at least,
the cessation of hatred.

Prepare my heart for this night.
Help me to feel the pain which
is the sign that there are illnesses,
burns, cancers in my soul and
so heal me with the coming of a
savior that I might live a life of vitality.

This is not a time for purple and sins.
This is a time of blues and hope.
So fill me with hope
no matter what I have experienced.
Let Jesus re-boot me.
Let me live.

And with that life,
let me bring
compassion, healing and kindness to a
planet designed for it.


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