God makes all things new

Over the years I am finding that the key to a haps life is gratitude for what one has before them.

I am on an Island off the coast of Maine, caring for a small church and resting for a while before a big move to a new and happy life.  As I age I am more and more sensitive to sugar – diabetes runs in the family.  So I am aware that cooking with less sugars and starches has become needful.

One could, I suppose, moan and groan about such a change.  And indeed some days I am tempted.  But today I realized that by switching out one good thing (potatoes) for another new, good thing (parsnips and brussels sprouts) I can have a wonderful fish chowder with low carbs, low sugars and high flavor and goodness.  One can do this with a soup, and one can do this with a whole life.

So, from a beautiful cottage on the ocean in Maine, here is an updated recipe for an old standby.  God makes all things new.  Even soups.

Charles’ Fish Chowder (The healthy, low carb version)

Sauté one large onion finely diced in 4 tablespoons of butter until onion is translucent

Add four medium parsnips, peeled, sliced and cubed into ¼ inch pieces along with 12 Brussels sprouts trimmed and cut into quarters

(Note: both the sprouts and the parsnips are used in place of the usual 6 medium red potatoes cubed in ½ inch pieces…or just use the potatoes) and cover the sautéed vegetables just barely with water, bring to a boil, and simmer, lidded for 15 minutes.

Place the 1/12 – 2 pounds of fresh haddock or other flakey white fish (cut and boned) on top of the boiling mixture, cover and simmer/poach for another 15 minutes or until the fish flakes but remains firm. Add up to a cup of water if needed.

Add 2 cans of evaporated milk and add some salt and pepper to taste.  Stir gently so as not to mash the fish. Bring the soup back to a slight simmer but do not boil. Stir in tarragon or some other gentle herb such as dill or parsley for some color and added flavor.

Serve with oyster crackers or corn bread and serve in deep bowls. Serves 4 as a meal or 8 as a starter.

2 Replies to “God makes all things new”

  1. Dear Charles
    Welcome to the wonderful state of Maine where I grew up and still love although I now live in Concord, N.H. thanks for the recipe for your Fish Chowder it does sound delicious. Do I guess correctly that the big move is away from the position you have recently held.. Keep St. Paul’s Church in your prayers as we are celeberating the 200th anniversary of the Founding of the parish with lots of activities.
    Marjorie L. Hascall

  2. Dear Charles, your time in Maine has to be special, the rhythm of the tides, the quite and peace, and those little crabs! It has been a long time since I was in Maine, it is a special place. So, how has your transition to New Mexico going? Quite a different landscape from Maine, but no less beautiful. I do wish you much happiness in your new life. I’m sure you will be as creative there as you were in Denver. I do miss you in so many ways. Your humor, your passion and so much more. Be happy in your new life. Give Kai a big hug. Diane Waugh

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