The Big Book of Life

There are so many wonderful books.  Some are called “sacred” texts and others simply inspiring or moving or entertaining or challenging or informative.  Some are about the spiritual life, some filled with prayers, and others with poems.  As I age, I am noticing that what is in The “holy” books is only a part of the story. There is a bigger book called “life” which is drawing my attention these days.  It has some laws drawn from nature and science but far fewer rules.  It’s not that I don’t want laws and rules – they are often valuable guardrails to my life.  Not killing people, for example – quite helpful at times. Not coveting helps lighten my load.

However this bigger book we call life has a lot o teach us – so much more than the holy books ever did. It takes more work to discern what moves to make in life but I prefer the fewer rules and the more curiosity.  So much of what “God” has created looks like “God” was on an awesome acid trip when “God” took to the drafting table.  The platypus,  for example.  The prickly pear, the male scrotum, the three-toed sloth, hairless cats to name a few.  They make me laugh out loud and I prefer dealing with a “God” that makes me feel silly rather than one that frightens me.  On purpose. And scolds me without at least five compliments first (I would suggest my hair, my pottery, my pad thai, my fundraising, and my astounding legs. To name a few if a prompt is needed.)

Maybe it’s time to take our noses out of the books and lift them to the forests or the ocean and just breathe.

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