Ten Habits in 2022

Daily habits are the secret sauce to a productive and efficient life. Had I found stoicism as a child, and had I not suffered from so much abandonment and abuse as a child, I would never have chosen the church and never stayed inside it for so long.

But now I am an adult, aging on this beautiful island and so, as this new year begins, here are my daily habits, written out and posted in the bathroom and kitchen so that I see them many times each day.  They are measurable (did I do them?) and they are what seems to give me the life I want.  What are yours for 2022?

  1. Turn off all devices at 7:30 pm, listen to a book in the dark and get to sleep by 8:00 so that I have great hours of creativity, exploration, and enjoyment before my work-day begins and when I am at my most creative and curious.
  2. Sleep for 9 hours each night with no morning alarm.
  3. Wake naturally around 5:00 am and enjoy tea, snuggles with Sugar-the-dog, and youtube videos that team me things about which I am curious.
  4. Make the care and love of my dog Sugar a top priority of the day.
  5. Begin each day with three books: A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy, The Daily Stoic, and The Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday.
  6. No caffeine after mid-morning, 32 ounces of water each day and no alcohol except with close friends (but only before 6:00 pm.)
  7. Make pots while listening to books no less than 8 hours weekly.  They fill me with joy.
  8. Set eyes on “The Garden” – my list of my closest friends – tend the garden every day (what needs feeding, what needs weeding, what needs tilling, what needs planting, what needs nurturing?)
  9. Walk on a Whidbey Island beach every day in the high sun and at low tide with Suga while listening to books. It fills me with joy.
  10. Ignore what is not in my control, focusing only on those things over which I have control.

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