John’s Whisper

We are here waiting with you.
There is little we can do to ease you pain
but we can stand here waiting with you
while you do what you need to do.

The others have gone.  They are hiding I think.
But we are here.

We know our ministry to you.
We are not here to fix this.
We are not here to rally for change.
We are not here to do a systems analysis
so that this never happens again.
It will happen often.
That is the system we live in now in the church.

But we can wait here with you.
We will abide.

We will not tell you it will be ok.
It will not be ok in that way.
We will not ask for the guards to ease your suffering.
We will simply be present with you.

The authorities will do what they must.
We will simply be the new church
you have so recently begun through a joining.

With you.
Until God does a New Thing.

(This photo is of a carved bas relief in clay, fired in oxidation with gold leaf, by the author.  It was a gift to our Curate on her Ordination.  The work of a priest who works with the poor (in body or spirit) is to be present.)

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