drunken light

Who are you that you burst into our ordered lives
taking light to strange places
when the work we do is what we want lit?

Who are you that you disregard
the elegance of our creations,
that vase we have so carefully
purchased and so deliberately placed in a niche
so stunningly carved
and yet you invade our lives with light
and say “here, look at this”
when we are so busy trying not to see?

Who are you that you are God and
have ways that are not our ways?
Who are you to disrupt our order
with your rambunctious love?
We have things so well ordered
with lines classical and
notes elegant.

But you come crashing into our lives
like some drunken surfer;
using the wrong fork,
getting sand on the altar.
Have you no respect for our Anglican ways?
Are they not your top priority?

But then, who are you?


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