The Burning Bush’s Silence

What did Moses see when he turned from the road
and saw the bush which burned, but was not consumed?
What does a burning bush look like?

How do we know when God is speaking to us
if there is no burning bush, no fire?
And why, Lord, are you so shy?
Why the theatrics?  Is it because we are
so hard to impress?

We made you vulnerable by our constant failure of nerve
and yet as God, you should be able to handle that.

Is it love which makes you so vulnerable and shy?
Is that why you hide in the cleft of rocks and linger
in the smoke of bushes and pillars of fire on pilgrimage?

Ok, so I will talk to a bush.  I will talk to anything if you
will only respond and tell me everything.
But that seems not to be in the Rule Book.

You don’t explain.  You just love us as we question

why things are as they are.

And yes, that is enough.  Most days.


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