Mary and Jesus – a new advent message

Stop the action!
Stop all the running around.  Everything is about to change.
I will give birth to a small boy whose love and kindness
will set a new standard for conduct.
He will be the Prince of Peace.
He dances on my lap.
His arms are all over the place with the energy of a reformer and a prophet.
His followers will submit to torture and burning in order to get the Word out.

Stop the action and wait in silence.
hear his giggles and his wrestles longing to set the people free.
Leave the mall shopping lot.
Decline the party invitation.
cancel the dinner party.
Rewrite the Christmas gift list.

Stop.  Listen to the midnight waiting.
Listen as the stars long for the Saviour.
Listen as the planet holds its breath.
Listen as you hold yours.

Stop.  Listen as God seduces you.
Listen to this child’s playfull, mischievous giggles
at temple seriousness and solemnity.
See him reach out to grasp at eternity with pudgy fists.

Stop. Listen. Long.

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