steel cut oats, butter and a silver spoon


Steel cut oats

There are few things in life I love
more than butter
and God.
Steel cut oats in a wooden bowl
with a silver spoon on a cold day
draped in the oil and cream of butter
can transfigure a day
and remind one that manna takes many forms.

Simplicity with a silver spoon is just the kind of edgy
twist that
reminds me of God’s kindness, my mother’s provisions
and the call
to simplicity and delight Jesus sang with his life.

Steel cut oats take time to brew.
They need the softening that hot water can inspire.
They need a high, wooden bowl to contain their warmth.
And they need butter and a pinch of sea salt to
move their taste from tan to pink and yellow with
a hint of bird’s egg blue.

Simplicity in Lent is not so much about
self-denial as it is about self awareness
and God awareness
and other awareness with silver spoon kindness.

Like meditation, steel cut oats take just
a little longer than the average prayer.

Like love, butter and a pinch of salt
collaborate  bringing a simple grain to
the extravagance of taste and the delight of a human
who needs to eat anyway.
So why not add some butter
and sing a simple song of glory, glory, glory
to a God who would make such things and then
place them on a round rock in the cosmos
for us to enjoy on a chilly day.

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