Holy Week

Sometimes I see Holy Week as Something to survive scaling and then in other seasons Holly Weeks is just something which caries me along like a rapid.

in this Passion-tide as we prepare for the week ahead, I find the most valuable thing to do is to practice mindfulness.

after mindfulness one may choose to begin evaluation.  Where am I?  What have I learned in life since last Holy Week? What life-lessons have I learned?  What worked well?  What did not work well? What mistakes do I keep making over and over again? Where can I see growth?  Wisdom? Wellness?

But mindfulness is just the act of looking around in one’s life and noticing what is there without any evaluation.  There is no judgement in mindfulness.  It is just the act of noticing what is flat and what is mountainous – what is tan and what is black.  The week before Holy Week is a good time to simply look around.  It is a calm before the storm. It is a week in which massive questions of salvation and rescue, sacrifice and self-offering, blood and wood are set aside and we simply wait in the stillness and notice what is going on inside us and around us.



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