A celtic Death Blessing


Today we held a funeral in the church for a beloved member of our community.  She had spent her life teaching in our cathedral and had a special love of cleric spirituality.  As I ended the sermon, I ended with this prayer which I said on behalf of the deceased to fee family and friends.  It is so moving that I chose to share it today on The Daily Sip as well.

Death is an event and a process towards an event – neither of which we often think on or speak.  And yet, getting comfortable with the earthy reality of it is of great value.  It humbles us in this life and prepares us for the transition when it comes.

A Blessing for Death
I pray that you will have the blessing of being consoled and sure about your own death.
May you know in your soul that there is no need to be afraid.
When your time comes, may you be given every blessing and shelter that you need.
May there be a beautiful welcome for you in the home that you are going to.
You are not going somewhere strange.
You are going back to the home that you never left.
May you have a wonderful urgency to live your life to the full.
May you live compassionately and creatively and transfigure everything that is negative within you and about you.
When you come to die may it be after a long life.
May you be peaceful and happy and in the presence of those who really care for you.
May your going be sheltered and your welcome assured.
May your soul smile in the embrace of your anam cara (soul friend).

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