a pilgrimage to the spark


Saint Vitus Cathedral


A pilgrimage to the spark

Yellow is the glow of the fire of God
and grey are the walls of the cages which seek to confine her.
She is able to make life and then let it go
and she is able to take life quickly, quietly.

God is not He or She
if so then both
but not one
and not the other.
God is above and beyond our human projections.

Outside these walls raged the Thirty Year’s War;
ravaging Europe-her bloodiest and longest.
Over a God of peace the Catholics and the Protestants
came together to kill each other.

Prayers to a cross with a body on it and
prayers to a cross without one
were said in secret places by frightened people
splashed with the blood of executions
and the soot of burnings.

What does a Christian do when encountering such a war
in the church which began it?

We bow down,
place our head on the cold, stone floor
and pray for peace
in the name of the God of Peace.

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