Te Deum in Advent

You are the One Who Is.
You are coming to be among us, to pitch your tent within our encampment.
You are Emmanuel.

You come to us in the bred and wine of the Eucharist.
You come to us in our darkest fears at 3:00 am during the night watch.
You come to us in the morning when you whisper that life may enjoy another day at your hand.
You come to us in the gentle touch of s friend when we weep.
You come to us when we send a prayer like a flare in the hopes for patience or peace.

You are the bread of life.
You are the vine and we are the branches with grape’s bounty.
You are the One whose life we share.
You are the image in whom we are designed as loves, givers and creators writ small.

You are our guest on this planet; guests of renters.  A landlord guest.
And we bow.
And we long.
And we hope.

You are this time and not whopping.
You are this time and not wrapping.
You are this time and not cooking (well, maybe cooking!).
You are Advent for your coming is the entire point of wall of it.
You came to be among us not as our judge but as our companion in the Way.
You could have judged us and found us wanting, you still can, but then why crucifixion?
You love us.  Though we betray you daily, you love us.
And your coming is how we make sense of our agony, confusion and fear.

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