Our meditation is for the rest of us

The body does not have a soul. The soul enfolds the body in the larger expression of God’s glory which surrounds all of us like the light around a candle in a dark room.  We are clay, we humans.  The potter forms us and we exist in those hands as life turns and turn and turns us.

And the hands of the potter are not only His but ours.  Each one of us forms each one of us. When we meditate we light the soul which surrounds us and that luminosity brightens the world just enough so that a beaten woman finds power to leave her abusive husband, the lost child finds her way home, the sad adolescent does not choose annihilation, the tired father is able to go in to work for yet one more day.

We do not pray, nor do we meditate so that we can have a mystical experience of God, though that can and does happen.  We pray because God whispers a call to us in the darkness and so we get up, light a candle and sit there waiting on God.  In that silence and solitude our soul glows and in that unseen light good and kind things happen on the planet and in the lives of those we will never meet and never know.

Meditation is not about being better humans or meeting God.  It is about the luminosity of our souls so that the path for others is lit.  Our lives mean nothing until we give them away.  That is what prayer is; giving ourselves away.



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