Easter Twilight

This is an image of the windows of the cathedral during the wandering prayer of pilgrims at the Wilderness Eucharist on Easter night.  A people meandered around the cathedral stations, making peace with peace, this light seemed to blast in from the west as the sun set on Easter Day, pricing the windows like ticker tape headlines of life having beat the #@^&^$% out of death forever.

“The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.” John’s prologue.

And though there may still be skirmishes, like the japanese armies on pacific Islands in WWII who had not yet heard that the war was over and Japan had surrendered, the battle is done. So our work, like Mary the Magdalene in the Easter garden is to turn when we hear Jesus call out our name, snapping us into an awareness that what seemed impossible to overcome is over.  Sure, there’s bound to be lenten PTSD, but Jesus’ work is finished and our has just begun.  And what is our work?  To live like people who have been set free; and walk towards the light – even in twilight.

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