my best


Today, Lord God, I will do my best.

Help me.

There are so many things to do.  So many competing goods.  So many people who want things done, money raised, jobs accomplished, empires and reputations built.  But you, Lord God, view me tenderly and kindly.  You say that we may come to you when we are tired and have much weighing us down and that you will give rest to us as a gift.

But I am not sure we want rest as much as we want power or prestige or prerogative or position.  So might you first dismantle our egos before you make this kind invitation?  Might you not touch our cheek and look into our eyes and say “You, my sweet child, are enough as you are.”

Might you whisper that we do not need to fight all the dragons, not face down all the foes, understand all the jealousies, defend all the decisions.  Might you instead, simply guide our head to your lap and stroke our hair and tell us that all shall be well?  Even if it seems unlikely.

Give us the grace to know that you are God and that we are not God.  And then help us to live out being beloved creatures.










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