drawing God

Sunday, a friend and I went to get a sandwich.  Waiting in line to order our sandwich we noticed the chalk board had its usual invitation to appease our over-caffeinated minds with a small task to accomplish so that we would not need to experience the anxiety of silly waiting, peacefully, in silence.

The title on the Sub-culture chalk board is always an interesting invitation.  ‘Draw justice.” or “Draw hope.” or “Name your favorite food.”  As one waits for one’s sub, one may peruse the board and see what others have written.  On this day, the board said “Draw God.”

There is was, standing with a seminarian, in my clericals.  People in line with us looked at my clerical collar and then at the board as if to say “Hey, you with the church clothes…whatcha gonna draw?!”

They looked at me with a combination of challenge and invitation and entirely without malevolence but with no small curiosity. So I shrugged, took pieces or yellow and brown chalk, and drew a lion.  There is, it turns out, a reason I am a potter.  It is because I can’t draw.  So I had to write “Lion” above my drawing so people who know I drew a lion.  Humbling.

My seminarian friend drew a light-bulb.

What would you draw?  Why?

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