What a dangerous season this is.  We have had some down-time in the summer and now there are things to engage us. New invitations to collaboration.  New classes to take.  New committees for which to sign up.  New lists to be on – driving, book clubs, rotas for sports.  The list goes on.

It used to be that Satan would win the wild west with bars and brothels.  Just get them to do too much sinning.  But in modern America, Satan can get more done by just getting us to do too much.  It distracts us from our God.  And the best part for Satan is that there is no paper trail.

Evil is just distraction from God and sin is just distraction on a pathway leading further and further away in increments.  What if we were to reject the American notion of getting terribly busy in the fall?  What if we stayed off lists?  Off rosters?  Off commitments?  What if we made space in our lives for solitude, and used it to be with God?

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