What kind of God are you that
you would come to be with us?
Why would you put yourself through all this?

I personally think you’re crazy.
Stay in heaven, I would.
Lay back on clouds and
let angels get you martinis
(I like mandarin, it’s just mandarin
vodka and Cointreau with an orange slice.)
(I also like … but I digress.)

As I said, i think you’re madcap to do this.
Stay there where you can manage the cosmos.
These people will only see you’re goodness
and your kindness and they will abuse you
and they will be intimidated by you
and they will, in the end, need to stop you.

And that will be messy.  Seriously.
I know the story.
And for such a glorious God ,
the messy story,
played out so often to
people much less grand than a god,
is ugly.

Nope.  I do not think you should come.
I think you should stay there in heaven or
control central or wherever you are, and
just stay safe.

But here you come.  Again. For another cycle
of coming, arrival, teaching, self-offering.
You are a sucker for punishment.

And, to be honest.
I’m grateful.
Really I am.

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