Today is a day for fewer words.  Today, the Word of God was made into flesh and emerged from the womb of a girl – a frightened little girl, who could just as easily have been executed.  But She was not.  Instead she is the most famous woman ever to walk the planet.  And this child has no words yet.

God became the Word-Made-Flesh today. God communicated in a way which got our attention because God would become vulnerable.

There will be lots of words today.  Thanks for presents, directions to families for meals, tender statements between sources and some knock-down-drag-out-fights too.  Words will be read in directions for new toys.  Words will be on greeting cards and gift labels.

But I hope you and I will find some time today for absolute silence – a moment in a closet or in the garage if need be.  In that silence, let go of words.  Just imagine that child and consider what has just happened. Let your mind create an image.  Get playful.  Close your eyes and allow an image of a baby to emerge and see what the Holy Spirit does with it.  Draw and paint it in your head.  And then look into His face.

For unto us, this day, In the city of David…

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