world peace

This image from our Te Deum window over the West Doors and around which the new Antiphonal Organ is being raised is one I find striking.  I expect it is Saint George but I am not sure.  Still, it reminds me of a church and a church history with which I am uncomfortable.

I am an avowed pacifist.  I know that many I love disagree with my stance but I am simply unwilling to agree to killing a living being outside of the need for protein.

Life feels quite precious to me and though I know some must kill in order to protect family or their own life, and allow for that, I wonder where it begins and where it stops.

Pia Melody who writes on co-dependence and many other things says that we humans need a scapegoat.  We search for one and we find one and we destroy that one.  I see it in families.  I see it on staffs of business, diocese and church.  I see it in government and in society.  Pia says, and I agree, that if there were no more scapegoating, there would be no more murder, no more fighting and no more war.

Today I wonder what that kind of world would look like and how we might make choices today towards world peace.

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